Counselor’s Corner –August 2016



Just to introduce myself…..I am Janell Rochell the new school counselor.  I am not really new to all of you, just new as the counselor.  I am so looking forward to working with all of you. This will be a great year!


The main goal of the School Counselor is to help all students reach their full potential by developing an understanding of self and an appreciation for others.  The School Counselor achieves these goals through individual and group counseling, educational programs and assemblies, conferences, and referral to community resources.


School Counselors:


  • Talk to students on an individual basis, in groups, or in classes

  • Help identify students with special needs

  • Work with potential crisis situations

  • Assist students, teachers, and parents

  • Help promote a positive school climate

  • Assist in academic and social growth

  • Act as an advocate for students


    A parent may request individual counseling for their child by contacting the School Counselor.  Permission is needed for any child to receive regular counseling, whether individual or group.


    Students may receive counseling services for the following:


  • Feel confused, sad, or lonely

  • Have a problem with a friend, teacher, or family member

  • Need help making a decision

  • Just need someone to talk to




           When you talk to a school counselor, the discussion is confidential.  The only time a school counselor will disclose confidential information is if you indicate that you are planning to harm yourself or someone else.




Hope you have a Great New School Year 

Mrs. J

(Mrs. Rochell)


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