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Class Parties



Halloween Party-  Oct. 31 @ 2:25

Drinks- Cherylanne Freeman        

Sweet snack-  Emma Eddy &

                           Layla Camarillo  

                non-sweet snack-  Alan Castro &

                              Gracie Ibarra  

Paper Goods-  Zachary Shockley

Treat Bags-   Weston Myers & Sienna Marquez


Christmas Party- Dec. 21st @ 1:25

Drinks-  Zachary Shockley

Sweet snack-  Emma Eddy & Layla Camarillo

           non-sweet snack-   Sienna Marquez, Alan Castro & Kinsley Richardson

Paper Goods-  Cherylanne Freeman

Treat Bags-   Weston Myers


Valentine’s Day Party- Feb. 14th @ 2:25

Drinks-  Weston Myers 

Sweet snack- Emma Eddy & Kinsley Richardson

                      non-sweet snack-   Sienna Marquez & Gracie Ibarra

Paper Goods- Cherylanne Freeman

Treat Bags- Emily Foster



End of School Party- May 21st @ 2:25

Drinks- Weston Myers

Sweet snack- Emma Eddy & Kinsley Richardson

                        non-sweet snack- Gracie Ibarra & Sienna Marquez

Paper Goods-  Cherylanne Freeman

Treat Bags-   Emily Foster