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Class Parties

Mrs. Smith’s



HALLOWEEN                                                                                      CHRISTMAS

Paper goods:  Beth Boyd                                                              Paper Goods:  Beth Boyd

Individual Drinks:  Michael Ford                                                 Individual Drinks:  Maria Castro

Sweet Snack:  Beth Thaxton   & Alisha Brietigan                 Sweet Snack:  Beth Thaxton & Michael Ford

Non-Sweet Snack:  Abby Graham & Catrina Watters        Non-Sweet Snack:  Desiray Castro & Penny Allen

Treat Bags:  Maria Castro                                                              Treat Bags:  Shanon Reed


VALENTINE’S DAY                                                                            END OF SCHOOL

Paper Goods:  Abby Graham                                                 Paper goods:  Penny Allen

Individual Drinks:  Penny Allen                                               Individual Drinks:  Tarah Capes

Sweet Snack:  Kathrin Clubb & Desiray Castro                     Sweet Snack:  Alisha Breitigan & Shanon Reed

Non-Sweet Snack:  Tarah Capes & Shanon Reed                 Non-Sweet Snack:  Abby Graham & __________

Treat Bags:  ____________________________                    Treat Bags:  Beth Thaxton