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Mrs. Meaghan Johnson

Many people thnk that listening to an audio book is cheating.  I tell them that the words are still entering your brain, creating pictures, telling a story.  It’s NOT a crutch, it’s just a different way to get to the same place.

Hannah Sherman—Dyslexia Student

According to Ben Foss, there are three types of reading:  eye reading, ear reading, and finger reading.  A child with dyslexia  will never eye-read as well as his peers and that is fine.  Yet all children need to be exposed to vocabulary and ideas to be successful in school.  If your child was blind, providing text as audiobooks or Braille would allow her to read with her ears or with her fingers.  No one would ever claim that a blind person was lazy or stupid for not reading text with her eyes.  Ear Reading is leveling the playing field.  It’s not what the mainsteam conceives of reading.  But it’s ear reading.  It’s learning.  It’s literacy.


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