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Class Parties


Halloween Party- October 30

Paper Goods: Randi Berry

Drinks: Paige Owsley-Holland

Sweet Snacks: Ace Dyer

Non-Sweet Snack: Jacob Eck

Goodie Sacks: Bransyn Dean 


Christmas Party- December 

Paper Goods: Randi Berry

Drinks: Ace Dyer

Sweet Snacks: Allen Houston 

Non-Sweet Snack:Paige Owsley-Holland 

Goodie Sacks:


Valentine’s Party- February 

Paper Goods: Mrs. Watkins

Drinks:Mrs. Watkins

Sweet Snacks: Ace Dyer 

Non-Sweet Snack: Allen Houston 

Goodie Sacks:


End of Year Party- Ma

Paper Goods:  Mrs. Watkins

Drinks:Allen Houston 

Sweet Snacks:Ace Dyer

Non-Sweet Snack: Amy Eck

Goodie Sacks: Randi Berry