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About Melody Tyler

      Hi! My name is Melody Tyler. I graduated from Ryan High School. I married my childhood sweetheart, Steve. We have been married for 42 years. We have a son named Daryl and a daughter named Stephanie Tyler Madden. Stephanie is married to Chad Madden. They have a daughter named Tyler and a son named Samuel. Our grandchildren bring us so much joy! Both of our children attended Waurika schools from K-12th grade, so both are graduates of Waurika High School. Steve served on the School Board for ten years. I worked as an insurance agent for over twenty-five years. Then I decided to follow my life-long dream of being a teacher. I graduated from the School of Education and Behavioral Science at Cameron University with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. I am so blessed to have been hired by the Waurika School System. I taught fifth grade for five and a half years and loved it. This is my third year to teach second grade, and I am so very excited about this! This community and school mean so much to me. This is my home! I hope I can help each student become the very best they can be!




Melody Tyler's Class

A Big Thank You to the Waurika Education Foundation

Ms. McCarter, all the 5th Graders, and I would like to give a very big THANK YOU to the Waurika Education Foundation for approving our grant request and making it possible for the 5th grade to receive Scholastic News this year. This is a very engaging learning tool, which can be utilized by all students. We appreciate all the many wonderful ways the Waurika Education Foundation supports us!!!

Melody Tyler's Class

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comment posted by Pat McGriff on 03-28-2016
Hello, Lady! Wishing you an amazing spring quarter. I admire your commitment to these students and appreciate SO much all that you do for them. So HAPPY that you & Steve have a precious little granddaughter to fill that special place in your heart.
comment posted by Sierra Bowles and Emily Romero on 09-19-2014
Sierra: I am so glad I am in your class and can't wait to see what the upcoming school year brings

Emily: You are an awesome writing teacher and I can't wait to see what's in store!
comment posted by CASSIDY AND LEXIE on 05-21-2014
comment posted by Abigail Grissette on 12-27-2013
Mrs. Tyler, I miss you so much!!!! In case you haven't heard, I went back to Arkansas. I miss you so much and wish I could come and see you!!!
comment posted by cassidy on 08-17-2013
I am glad you are my teacher this year. I HOPE WE HAVE ALOT OF FUN!!!!!!!! :)
comment posted by Pat McGriff on 11-30-2012
Thank you for the love and care that you put into your teaching.
comment posted by Pat McGriff on 02-10-2012
You are such a wonderful teacher. Our community is so blessed to have you in the classroom. I applaud all that you do. Thanks for your commitment to excellence.
comment posted by Mercedees Jarvis on 11-25-2011
Hey hope to see this coming nine weeks.We all miss you.Coach Jessie and Caoch Masonor are the best caoches ever.I have learned a lot exspeasily from Caoch Jessie he has tought alot about basketball.Mrs.Foster reminds me of you that's how much I miss you.Oneday I told Caoch Jessie that athleadics was my favorite class and he said' it better not it be it better be reading,math,or science'.
comment posted by Mercedees Jarvis on 09-28-2011
You are the we all miss you.See at Friday's pepuraly.
comment posted by Haley on 09-20-2011
Wow! I could not even guess about it)) Not bad.
comment posted by Pat McGriff on 09-19-2011
Best wishes for another exciting year in 5th grade! You are such a blessing to this system. I hear from the students how much they love your class. You teach with such love and laughter! Your friend.
comment posted by Alyssa Masoner on 01-12-2011
We miss you so much Mrs.Tyler there to much work here in the middle school. lol
comment posted by Alyssa Masoner on 01-12-2011
We miss you so much Mrs.Tyler there to much work here in the middle school. lol
comment posted by Pat McGriff on 11-04-2010
You are a wonderful teacher! I hear from your students how much fun they are having! I LOVE your enthusiasm! Keep up the good work!
comment posted by Pat McGriff on 10-13-2010
I LOVE your enthusiasm! Thanks for being such an encourager ! The photos of 4-H "green" day are great!
comment posted by Dorothy Bailey on 10-05-2010
Hi Melody,
You've got a impressive, imformative web page. Glad you've got Heather this year!
comment posted by Raquel Watkins on 08-30-2010
Hey Mrs. Tyler! Shelby, Chris and I are really excited about 5th grade and are looking forward to a great year!
comment posted by Hayley Goff on 03-21-2010
Hey Mrs.Tyler you have been such a wonderful teacher this year thank you so much for helping me almost complete the fifth grade I hope you had a great Spring break well bye.
comment posted by Alyssa Masoner on 03-12-2010
You have been a great teacher to all of us. I have to say that is a great picture of you. Well keep on teaching.Also have a great spring break bye
comment posted by Sue Ann Kidd on 01-18-2010
Congratulations & Welcome to Waurika Elementary! We are so fortunate to have you. Again, welcome aboard.
comment posted by Pat McGriff on 01-16-2010
Hey gal,
I am so happy that this 5th grade class has been blessed with your presence. Laugh often and enjoy those precious personalities. Let me know if you need anything.
Your friend,
Pat McGriff