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Lesson Plans

Monday Week 5


Obj: Students will review for chapter 1 exam.

Lesson: Review activity.

Assignment: Study chapter 1 & all assignments for exam tomorrow.




Lesson: Exam, Chapter 1.

Assignment: Vocabulary, the cell due Wednesday.




Obj: Students will analyze experimental design.

Lesson: Discussion of abstract, materials & procedure. Computer lab.

Asgmt: Students write abstract, materials & proc. for inquiry project.



Obj: Students analyze nutrient content of foods.

Lesson: Disc. organic molecules in cells.

Assignment: Nutrient in Foods Launch Lab-due today.



Obj: Students analyze periodic table, compare atoms, molecules, elements.

Lesson: Discussion, notes.

Assignment: Read 6.1, complete periodic table packet-due Tuesday.

Physical Science

Obj: Students review for exam 1.

Lesson: Students will review for chapter 1 exam.

Assignment: Study all assignments, vocab, notes, review online book for chapter 1 exam tomorrow.

Physical Science:


Lesson: Exam, Chapter 1.

Hmwk: Vocabulary definitions for key terms, chapter 2. Due Wednesday.

Physical Science:

Obj: Students will contrast mass and weight, calculate mass of rice grain.

Lesson: (Pretest, ch2).Mass, Volume and Indirect Measurement.

Assignment: Lab packet, due tomorrow.


Physical Science:

Obj: Students will define mass and volume, practice making volume calculations.

Lesson: Discussion, notes mass, volume.

Assignment: Mass, volume skill sheets. Due Friday.

Physical Science:

Obj: Students will contrast direct and derived measurements.

Lesson: Density Lab.

Assignment: Density Lab packet. Due end of hour Monday.


Obj: Students will compare direct and derived units.

Lesson: Discussion 2.2, notes-derived units.

Assignment: Read 2.1 & 2.2, complete reading guide 2.1 & 2.2. Due Tues.


Obj: Students analyze, compare density of pennies before & after 1982.

Lesson: Density of Pennies lab.

Assignment:  Lab questions-due end of hour.


Obj: Students will practice dimensional analysis, using metric prefixes and units.

Lesson: Discussion, practice making conversions.

Assignment: Read 2.3, Conversion factors packet, due Wednesday.


Obj: Students distinguish  accuracy, precision, calculate % error.

Lesson: Notes, discussion, accuracy & precision.

Assignment: Read 2.3, complete reading guide.



Obj: Students identify inversely, directly proportional quantities, appearance on graphs.

Lesson: Discussion, notes.

Assignment: Review 2.3, complete Sec. 3 Formative assessment questions.