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Paige Cummings



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Ms. Cummings’ Class 2021-2022

Kooper Austin

Charleigh Baxter

Cassidy Childress

Elijah Escalera

Abby Gutierrez

Yaretzy Guzman

Chance Husband

Korbyn Leonard

Brynleigh Lindsey

Brisa Martinez

TJ Miller

David Neasbitt

Kree Rodriguez

David Shea

Bailey Smith

Kade Torrez

Kylie Ward



Party List!! 2021-2022


Halloween Party

Paper Goods: Travis Husband

Drinks: Laura Rodriguez

Sweet Snacks: Nicole Overton

Non-Sweet Snack: Ashlyn Shea

Treat Bags: Hannah Torrez

Christmas Party

Paper Goods: Kara Austin

Drinks: Malorie Miguez

Sweet Snacks: Kali Smith

Non-Sweet Snack: Nicole Overton

Treat Bags: Kayla Gutierrez

Valentine’s Party

Paper Goods: Brandy Neasbitt

Drinks: Sabra Rodriguez

Sweet Snacks: Kali Smith

Non-Sweet Snack: Bailey Smith

Treat Bags: Tammy Simon

End of School Party

Paper Goods: Kara Austin

Drinks: Travis Husband

Sweet Snacks: Laura Rodriguez

Non-Sweet Snack: Ashlyn Shea

Treat Bags: Sabra Rodriguez

Parents, if you do not see your name on a specific party you would like to help with, please just let me know. You may bring anything you would like to any certain party. Thank you, Ms. Cummings



Why God Made Teachers 

When God created teachers,

He gave us special friends 

To help us understand His world

And truly comprehend

The beauty and the wonder

Of everything we see,

And become a better person

With each discovery.

When God created teachers,

He gave us special guides

To show us ways in which to grow

So we can all decide

How to live and how to do

What’s right instead of wrong,

To lead us so that we can lead

And learn how to be strong.

Why God created teachers,

In his wisdom and his grace,

Was to help us learn to make our world

A better, wiser place.



Paige Cummings

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