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Party List



Mrs. Forsyth's Class Party List

Paper Goods- Samantha Bryant

Drinks- Magen Allen

Sweet snack- Katy Barnett, Sarena Seay

Non sweet snack- Kelli Harper, Regina Frost

Treat bags-Lindsey Forst


Paper Goods-Regina Frost

Drinks- Magen Allen

Sweet snacks- Lindsey Forst, Millie Busby

Non Sweet snack- Jessica Hargis, Sarena Seay

Treat bags- Katy Barnett, Sarena Saey


Paper goods- Cristi Sewell

Drinks- Magen Allen

Sweet Snack- Regina Frost, Kaelee Beck

Non sweet snack- Millie Busby

Treat bags-Samantha Bryant, Jessica Hargis

End of School

paper goods- Samantha Bryant

Drinks-Magen Allen

Sweet snack- Kaelee Beck

non sweet snack- Kelli Harper, Sarena Seay

Treat bags- Jessica Hargis