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*virtual and regular

8th Grade History

8th Grade History Virtual

*Computer 1

*Computer 2

Algebra 2

Consumer Math

underlined part is second lesson that day


Topic 3.2

pgs. 142-152

*read & discuss


1.mid term review

1.unit 11 review

2.unit 11 exam

3.real-world tables

1.document production

2.oral reports-visuals

3.impact of multimedia presentations

1.standard form

​1.intro to translations


Topic 3.2

Pgs. 142-152

* read & discuss

*vocab pg. 65


1.mid term review


​1.real-world calendars

2.real-world slide presentations

3.real-world contacts

1.real-life review:business communication

2.unit 15 review

3. unit 15 exam

​1.quadratic regression

1.intro to reflections


Topic 3.2

Pgs. 142-152

*activity pg. 66

*quiz 3.2

​1.mid term review

1. real-world spreadsheets

2.real-world database

3.real-world report forms

1.understanding sources of information

2. using the internet effectively

3.reliable internet sources



1.intro to rotations


Topic 3.3

pgs. 154-163


*read and discuss


1.​mid term review

1.when to use what form

2.what businesses want


1.readability of the internet

2.using internet data

3.real-life review:media & technology

1.quadratic equations

1.intro to congruent polygons


Topic 3.3

*read and discuss


1.mid term review

make-up and coding

1.unit 16 review

2.unit 16 exam

Make- up

1.intro to transformations and congruency

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