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*virtual and regular

8th Grade History

8th Grade History Virtual

*Computer 1

*Computer 2

*Algebra 2

*Consumer Math

underlined part is second lesson of that day


Finish Topic 1 book review

pg. 49 colonies 2.french and Spanish colonies

1.table applications & analysis

2. Academic & career connections tables

1.economic literacy

2.Academic & career connections-entrepreneur

Intro to Absolute Value Functions

Intro to exponents and bases


Start Topic 1 test review

1. unit 3 review & unit 3 exam

2. colonial life: new england table usage

2.real life review: tables

1.real life review: entrepreneur

2. unit 5 review & unit 5 exam

Intro to inequalities in two variables

Intro to powers and exponents


Finish Topic 1 test review and grade

‚Äč1.colonial life: middle colonies

 2. colonial government

1. unit 3 review 2. Unit 3 exam literacy

2. types of advertising

Unit 2 review unit 2 exam

Intro to multiplying powers with similar bases


Do Acellus Bonus

1.britian and france clash

2. seven years war

1.format cells and columns

2.worksheet design

1.institutional advertising

2. elements of advertising

Intro to solving graphically

Intro to multiplying powers with different bases


Topic 1 test

1.fall of new france 2.treaty of paris

make-up and coding

Make-up and coding

Intro to substitution

Intro to dividing powers with similar bases

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