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Star Book Rules and Rewards

Star Book Rules

*Testing is allowed between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 2:50 p.m. as permitted by the teacher

*Student will be allowed three attempts to pass a quiz with a day between each attempt

*Student will be allowed to take up to two tests per day as classroom time permits

*Students will not be allowed to test on more than 6 books below their reading level per year



Star Book Rewards

First Grade - 50 points First Semester - Movie

First Grade - 100 points Second Semester - Movie

First Grade - 150 toal points per year - Mystery Trip

Second - Fifth Grade - 100 points first semester - Movie

Second - Fifth Grade - 100 points Second Semester - Movie

Second - Fifth Grade - 200 Toal points per year - Mystery trip

*Semester rewards must be achieved during the semester and do not carry over. Mystery Trip points may be earned at any time during the year and do carry over between semesters.


First Semster testing dates: August 20 – December 14

Second Semester testing dates : January 8 – April 26