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Scholarship Information



  • Contact the colleges for scholarship information and applications if they are not included in the student

application for admission packet.  


  • Check for e-mails from the Counseling Office. As the scholarship applications come in, we send information about  them by e-mail.


  • Watch the newspapers for scholarship announcements.


  • Watch for church-sponsored scholarships and for those sponsored by other groups in the community.


  •  Have your parents ask their employers if any company-sponsored scholarships are available for employees’ children.


 Particular colleges offer scholarships to their students. We will know some of these, but each student should check with his/her chosen college for information. Be sure you have applied for admission to a college before you apply for a scholarship from that college.




In most cases scholarship decisions are based on a variety of criteria. These are a few of the most often used:

o Grade point average

o Percentile rank

o Class Rank

o ACT or SAT test score

o Activities

o Community Service

o Leadership

o Letters of recommendation

o Interviews

o Personal statement or essay

o Financial need