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Party List

                                   Halloween                                 Christmas

Paper goods             Yaretzy                                        Layton

Drinks                        Gracie                                         Kree

Sweet Snacks            D.J.  and _____                          Slade and D.J.

Non-Sweet Snack      Jaylee and Waylin                    1.______ 2._____

Treat Bags                 Preslee and Kree                       Yaretzy and Preslee


                                       Valentines                                End of School

Paper goods               Preslee                                        Chloe

Drinks                         Genevieve                                    Yaretzy

Sweet Snacks             D.J. and ______                           D.J. and _____

Non-Sweet Snacks     Waylin and _____                         Canyon and Waylin

Treat Bags                  Slade and Jaylee                          1._____ and 2.______


Please let me know if you could bring for the spaces that are blank.  Thanks