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Class Party List

Party List


October 31 at 2:25

Paper Goods-Heidi Poage

Drinks:Jessica Hill

Sweet Snack-Megan Allen and Christine Peddycoart

Non-Sweet Snack- Kelsi Harris and Christy Sellers
Treat Bags-Ashlyn Shea and Hannah Torrez


December 21 at 1:25

Paper Goods- Jessica Hil

Drinks-Kelsi Harris

Sweet Snack-Magen Allen and Christine Peddycoart

Non-Sweet Snack-Heidi Poage and Hannah Torrez

Treat Bags-Ashlyn Shea


February 14 at 2:25

Paper Goods- Jessica Hill

Drinks: Christy Sellers

Sweet Snack: Magen Allen and Heidi Poage
Non-Sweet Snack-

 Treat Bags – Ashlyn Shea and Hannah Torrez

End of School

May 22 at 2:25

Paper Goods- Heidi Poage

Drinks- Jessica Hill

Sweet Snack- Magen Allen and Hannah Torrez

 Non-Sweet Snack- Christy Sellers

 Treat Bags: Ashlyn Shea


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