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Waurika Elementary School 

Waurika Elementary

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Waurika Public Schools

Waurika Middle School/High School




Waurika Public Schools
Collaborative Vision Statement 2019-2020

Waurika Public Schools will strive to provide a supportive learning environment that will empower all students to be successful and productive members of society. We will motivate our students by providing them with a well-rounded education that will assist them in becoming confident leaders within our community. Waurika Public Schools will model leadership through academic excellence and positive community collaboration. Our students will become critical independent thinkers who express a sense of pride, self-drive and a compassion for knowledge. We will become successful by building upon the foundation of strong student character while producing confident, independent lifelong learners. 


Middle/High School = 580-228-2341 / 600 East Florida Ave. Waurika, OK 73573

    Elementary School = 580-228-3531 / 600 Educational Ave. Waurika, OK 73573

    Superintendent's Office = 580-228-3373 / 600 East Florida Ave. Waurika,  OK73573

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