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About Everett Hodges

 My name is Everett Hodges. I graduated from Oklahoma Christian in 1979.  This is my 42nd year to teach band and my 14th year back in Waurika.  I have taught in both Texas and Oklahoma.   In 1998, the Petrolia band was named the Outstanding Concert Band for Class A in all of Texas.  The Waurika band has qualified for state 9 of the 13 years I have been here, the only times in school history. In 2012, the band made its first I rating in state compeititon in school history.  I am the Band Director and the Athletic Director. I teach Oklahoma History,  and I am Head Softball and Assistant Girls Basketball coaches. I was honored to be selected Waurika’s Teacher of the Year in 2016-17.   I am married to  Ann Hodges, WHS Math Instructor.  Between us, we have 6 kids, (Kelli Plumb, Scott Hodges, Kaci Johnson on my side, and Steve, Jon, and Kyle Waid on wife's) and 13 grandkids -Carson, Jace, and Landon Plumb, Drew, Hallie, and Beau Hodges, Molly and McKenzie Johnson,  and Ella, Vivi, Corbin, Bennett, and Ava Waid.

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comment posted by April Simon on 11-13-2018
Hi I'm jdon burtons mom and was wondering why jdon never brings any homework home and hasn't since day one thank you
comment posted by Donna Schulz on 09-19-2018
The Snyder HS Band will not be attending Friday's football game in Waurika. Too much rain in the forecast for us!
comment posted by Mark Styles on 02-26-2018
I am looking to schedule basketball games for next year. I talked to the girls basketball coach and she directed me your way. I am the girls basketball coach at City View High School.
Thank you.
comment posted by Coach B.J. Banks on 01-29-2018

K-R-D-A Sports will be having a coaches meeting on Wednesday Feb 7th 2018 at the Gainesville Middle School here in Gainesville, TX starting at 6:15p.m. We are having this meeting to confirm that you and your student-athlete(s) will be in attendants at the 1st annual North Texas Small College Recruiting Fair on March 3rd and 4th. We will also be talking about all the things you will need to have and your student-athlete(s). If you could please respond either way with “Yes I will be attending” or “No I will not be attending” by FEB 1ST to or call me @ 940-284-9253.


Coach B.J. Banks

Coach William Hendricks

(904) 284-8484

(940) 284-9253

"Keeping Relentless Dreams Alive in Sports"
comment posted by Eric Simmons on 11-28-2017
My girls team is playing in the Wilson Tournament next week. I know nothing about the other schools. Can you help me? Schools are Healdton, Elmore City, Temple, Ringling, Ryan, and Wilson
comment posted by David Ellis on 10-24-2016
Sorry to have to meet you the way we did yesterday but cool that we connected anyway. Hope you are well. Maybe we can catch up sometime soon.
comment posted by Labrisa on 02-04-2016
Wanting to know if we are gonna have a band meeting about trip never saw a PayPal acct.. just need to know what is owning so I can plan to pay it by dead line..
comment posted by Terry Seigler Wichita Falls High School on 12-03-2015
I would like to invite you and your Low Brass Players to participate in the 1st TUBACHRISTMAS in Wichita Falls. I'm trying to send an attachmen of the information t,but i do not see a place to do that. Thanks. Terry
comment posted by Coach Stephen Conner on 05-12-2015
I thought I would leave you a message on here as well. I have 2 openings for basketball games and was seeing if you would like to play us again. We can do home and away games if you would like, if possible. The openings are November 2nd or 3rd and January 7th. Just let me know. You can reach me here at Terral School. The number is (580)437-2244. Hope to hear from you and thanks again!
comment posted by Jessica (Smith) Jadloski on 05-23-2013
Hey Mr. Hodges.... how are you...I hope u remember me from your Petrolia those were the days...I miss being in band sometimes... well I am married now with two kids.. one is 6 and one is 3...well I hope you are doing well.... I was looking at some old pics from band trips and concerts and saw a a few pics of u and thought I would try and find u and email you...well hope to hear back from you...
comment posted by Cory Lusk on 04-16-2013
Youth Basketball Tournaments Presented by Southwest Hoops.

Youth Basketball Tournaments Will be hosted In Wichita Falls TX for grades 2nd -Varsity Boys & Girls.

Our Tournaments are grade based. Grade of 2012-2013 School Year

Birth Certificates & Copies of Report card will be checked

Two-Three Day Tournaments $150 per team.

Multiple Team Discounts .All tournaments are a 3 game Minimum

No AAU Cards needed

Friday Night Games will start @ 6:00 PM. Saturday Games will Start @ 8:30 AM

All Local teams are expected to play Friday Night if possible.

Games will be hosted @ Wichita Falls ISD, Wichita Falls YMCA, & City View ISD GYMS

2013 Dates

May 10- 11 Mothers Day Classic (No Sunday Games)

June 14, 15,16 Fathers Day Classic

Host Hotel is the Holiday Inn at the Falls

100 Central Fwy

$72/ night with free breakfast in our restaurant

Call 940-761-6000 and ask for Ashlin to book the special offer!

Deadline to Enter is Tuesday Evening before Each Tournament .

To Enter Contact 940-224-7799 www,

Cory Lusk
comment posted by Pat McGriff on 04-05-2012
Congratulations on all your wonderful accomplishments with the band. Our community is so blessed to have your talent and commitment to our students. The pride that you are developing in these students will carry them far. Thanks for all you do.
comment posted by Dan Thompson on 11-18-2011
How are you Everrett? I wouldn't have made it through Fletcher's music history class without your help! 33 years teaching band.....awesome! I taught 7 and now I drive for UPS. I might get back into it when I retire in a couple of years. Pls respond to 505-269-2306 or
comment posted by emilia on 10-24-2011
good year so far
comment posted by DHS 94 Grad on 09-08-2011
Was thinking about you the other day. Thanks for instilling the love of music in me. Awesome to see you're doing great.
comment posted by emilia ozuna on 07-16-2011
SEE YA COUCH HODGES BTW luv band!!!!!!!!!!! : D
comment posted by Roger Williams on 04-29-2011
Everett......My name is Roger Williams. I am your cousin. Your dad's sister, Eula Mae, was my grandmother. Lareta is my mom. I am sorry for your loss. Your family is in my prayers. I am also an educator. I teach English and coach football, baseball, and track.
comment posted by emilia on 02-27-2011
your mean haha
comment posted by emilia ozuna on 12-15-2010
hey coach i have had alout of fun in band and hopr to stay in it till i graduate high school and want to to band in collage when i get out i would love to make a band with every instriment your teaching with a little bit of guitar see yah later.
comment posted by Robin Sullivan on 10-15-2010
Mr. Hodges,
After reading your letter to the editor in The Duncan Banner I have only two words for you....THANK YOU!! I am the wife of a high school athletics official. I only hope that your positive attitude and comments might rub off on thers!!!