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About Suzy Bruner

"Teaching the FACS of Life"

In 2020-21, Mrs. Bruner is beginning her twenty-fifth year of teaching Family and Consumer Science at Waurika High School.  She has Bachelor degrees from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and a Masters degree in Secondary School Counseling from East Central University.  She is a former Waurika Public School Teacher of the Year and, in 2007, she completed the national certification process, becoming one of the two National Board Certified Teachers at Waurika Public Schools.

A Note from Mrs. Bruner:

As an instructor of Family and Consumer Science, I believe every student graduating from high school desperately needs the skills and competencies that I teach in my program.  FACS addresses the challenges and issues individuals face in their everyday life.  My goal is to structure my curriculum around the needs of my students and prepare them for those challenges as future heads of households and as employees in a constantly evolving workplace.  I am a traditional teacher who strives to establish a comfortable learning environment where students feel free to express themselves.  I run my classroom according to the Golden Rule and students learn that we all get along better if we treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  I believe school rules are meant to be enforced and I do so in a fair, consistent and respectful way.  I believe it is my responsibility to model the qualities I want my students to possess.  I am understanding, honest and hard working and I expect my students to be, as well.  One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is seeing my students succeed.  I am quick to praise a job well done.  Many times I have seen a student's skepticism turn into "I did it", an attitude which I believe will serve them well in future endeavors.  I have enjoyed teaching FACS at Waurika for twenty-four years and am looking forward to equipping the next generation of students with the "FACS of life".  

I welcome parental contact and can be reached from 10:00 to 10:50 am, or after 3:20 pm at the school by calling 228-2341, ext 1.  In addition, I receive emails at

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