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Class News

First Grade News

 November 9, 2020

Math Skills

We are learning:

  • Subtraction Facts:   Subtracting One
  • Counting dimes
  • Counting by 2’s
  • Telling time to the hour


We are continuing to practice:

  • Counting by 10’s to 100
  • Counting backward from 10 to 1
  • Memorizing adding 1 facts
  • Memorizing adding 0 facts
  • Creating a graph


This week’s reading selections:


 From Seed to Flower

 Summary: A sunflower grows from a seed into a flower.

Essential Question: What changes do you see when watching a flower grow


Insects Grow and Change

Summary: Some insects do not change much as they grow, but others, such as bees, butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies, change a lot as they grow older.

 Essential Question: How do animals change as they grow older?

Sight Words

see               did           got           red        will

the               it              big           help       girl

is                  in              to            then       her

up                had          ask            six          with

a                  him           as             get          an

there          said           of            that         they

I                   at              he            this         but

have           has            his            for          do

can             call            just          out          she

on               look           down      jump

am              what          if             little

and             was            its           went

Please review these sight words with your child.


change- verb to become different

plant- verb to put a seed, flower, or plant in the ground to grow

plenty- noun a large amount

shed- verb to lose or get rid of leaves, skin, or fur naturally

soil -noun the top layer of earth in which plants grow

sprout- verb to grow

stage- noun a specific point in the development of something


Please review these words and their meanings with your child!

Wednesday Nov 11 - Veteran’s Day Program – Please have your child wear jeans and a shirt that has red, white, or blue on it.  To keep our students and Veterans safe as possible, the program this year will only be open to veterans.