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First Grade News

October 7-11, 2019

Big Idea: What does it take to be a good friend?

 Ask your child how this week’s reading selection helps him or her answer this question.


This week’s reading selections: No Wolves Allowed

Summary: Walter Wolf was not allowed to join Polly, Poppy, and Peter Pig’s clubhouse at first, but he convinced them that everyone has something valuable to contribute to the group.

Essential Question: What can others teach you about friendship?

DISCUSS with your child ways he or she works together with friends and neighbors.


This week’s reading selection: Far Away Friends

Summary: Children learn what pen pals are, how to be a good pen pal, and what you can learn from pen pals.

Essential Question: How can you keep in touch with a friend who lives far away?

ASK your child what he or she would want to learn from a pen pal in another country

Sight Words

see               did           got            red           the               it                  big            help          is                in              to                 up             had           ask             a                  him             as               there         said          of        

I                   at               he              have         has            his               can             call            just          on               look          down           am            what          if

and             was            its

Please review these sight words with your child.


The words below appear in this week’s reading selections.

access -noun a way to reach or contact

conflict- noun a strong disagreement

customs- noun the usual ways of doing things by people or groups

differ- verb to be different, or unlike, something else

foreign- adjective a place outside your own country

neighborhood- noun a section of a town or city

solve verb to find the answer to a problem

stormed- verb went off quickly and angrily, often in a loud way

Please review these words and their meanings with your child!




  • Doubles with sums to 18
  • Identifying heavier and lighter using a balance



October 15  - Pumpkin Patch Money - $7.00 due Friday

October 18-21-  Fall Break NO SCHOOL

October 24- Field Trip to the Pumpkin PatchNo chaperones needed