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Class News

First Grade News

February 3, 2020

Math Skills


We are learning:

  • Doubles Plus 1
  • Drawing a line segment using a ruler
  • Adding 2-digit numbers without regrouping using dimes/pennies


We are continuing to practice:


  • Adding 2 to a number
  • Comparing/Ordering objects by length
  • Measuring using nonstandard units
  • Writing number words 1-10
  • Identifying pairs
  • Identifying ordinal position to 26th



Big Idea: How are communities around the world similar or different?

There is one Big Idea question for every three weeks of instruction. Your child should think about the ways each reading selection can answer this question.

This week’s reading selection: Be My Neighbor

Summary: Neighborhoods around the world share common features, but are different in many ways.

Essential Question: How are neighborhoods around the world similar to and different from each other?


Your child should spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading outside of school each day. 

Sight Words

see               did           got           red        will     well

the               it              big           help       girl     ride

is                  in              to            then       her     we

up                had          ask            six          with   walk

a                  him           as             get          an      over

there          said           of            that         they  them

I                   at              he            this         but     or

have           has            his            for          do      two

can             call            just          out          she     be

on               look           down      jump      yes    green

am              what          if             little       all       take

and             was            its          went      were 

every         could         boy          some     going   here          day            way          sleep     don’t      my             too          came          me         right


Please review these sight words with your child.


Climates- noun the weather in areas

Cooperation- noun a situation in which people work together

Counts- verb to depend on

National- adjective relating to a specific country or nation

population -noun the number of people who live in one area

remote- adjective far away

responsibilities-noun tasks or actions that you are expected to do

transportation- noun a way of traveling

Please review these words and their meanings with your child!


February 6 – Parent teacher conferences from 3:30 – 7:45

February 7 – No school

March 16-20- Spring Break NO SCHOOL

May 7- Field Trip to Frank Buck Zoo