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Weekly Vocab/ Spelling Words


“Jason and the Golden Fleece”

Vocabulary Words


1. assassin – a person who murders a public figure, such as a government leader


2. challenge – call to take part in a contest


3. worthy – having enough value; deserving


4. throb – a heavy, fast beat or sensation


5. hideous – extremely ugly; horrible


6. strait – a narrow channel between two larger bodies of water


7. destiny – what happens to a person, especially when it seems to be determined in advance; fortune


8. glistening – shining with reflected light


9. pity – a feeling of sorrow and sympathy for the troubles of another


10. gaping – wide open

Spelling Word Definitions – Unit 6/2


1. nautical – having to do with ships, sailors, or navigation


2 .cosmonaut – a Russian or Soviet astronaut


3. nautilus – a shellfish that has a spiral shell with a series of air pockets


4. astronauts – persons trained to travel in a spacecraft or work in outer space


5. geology – the scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth


6. geometry – the branch of mathematics that deals with the measurement and relationship of points, lines, surfaces, angles, and solids


7. geographic – relating to geography; belonging to or characteristic of a particular region


8. geological – relating to geology


9. geometric – of or relating to geometry; made up of simple shapes formed from straight lines or curves


10. geothermal – of or relating to the heat in the interior of the earth


11. understand – to get the meaning of


12. understood – past tense of understand; to agree on


13. teach – to give instructions


14. taught – past participle of teach


15. forgive – to stop being mad at someone


16. forgave – past tense of forgive


17. forgiven – past participle of forgive


18. break – to separate into two or more pieces


19. broke – having no money at all; to not work properly


20. broken – shattered in pieces; not working properly


Bonus: eloquent, which, genre