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Efficiency and Drawing Sankey diagrams

This video clip will show you how to draw Sankey diagrams to illustrate efficiency.

Finding Formula and Molar Mass

Hey everyone, use this tutorial if you need help calculating formula and molar mass.

Calculating Work


Work Video Clip


Interactive Pedigrees

Use this interactive pedigree website to practice doing pedigrees for our exam.

Meiosis and Genetics Quizlet Flashcards

Use these Quizlet flashcards to review the Meiosis and Genetics vocabulary.

Meiosis and Genetics Review Games

Biology students, use the games on this website to review for our Chapters 10 and 11 exam!

Acids and Bases tutorial

Here is a tutorial that will help chemistry students understand acids and bases.

How to Interpret a Pedigree

This tutorial will be helpful for interpreting pedigrees.

Naming covalent molecular compounds.

This tutorial can be used to review naming of covalent molecular compounds.

Writing Chemical Formulas for Ionic Compounds

Ehemistry students, watch this tutorial to review how to write chemical formulas for binary ionic compounds.

The Law of Conservation of Energy tutorial

This video clip explains how energy cannot be created or destroyed, but is converted back and forth between various forms of energy. Use it to help you solve mechanical, kinetic and potential energy problems.

Blood Typing


Writing Noble Gas/Abbreviated Electron Configurations


Cell Cycle and Mitosis Slideshare PPT

Watch this slideshare powerpoint to review for the chapter 9 biology exam.

Significant Figures

View this video to review the rules of significant figures and do practice problems.

Molar Mass

This video clip is great if you need help calculating molar mass.

Lewis Dot Diagrams

Physical Science, Chemistry and Biology students can use this video clip to learn how to draw Lewis Dot diagrams.

What's a Mole?

Chemistry students, please use this to help you understand moles and Avogadro’s number.

Physical Science online book

Physical science students, read Chapter 2, section 2 on Science Skills. This is similar content to chapter 1 of our book and will help you review for our exam.

Significant Figures video clip

Chemistry and Physical Science students can use this video clip to review the use of significant figures.

Making Conversions

Physical Science, Chemistry and Biology students can use this video clip to review making conversions.

Basics of the Metric System's Units

Physical Science students may view this video clip to help understand metric units.

Converting Within the Metric System

Physical Students may watch this for information on making metric conversions.

Physical and Chemical Properties


Intensive and Extensive properties


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