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Oklahoma's Promise


Oklahomans want to see deserving students succeed - students who study and work hard, but whose families find it difficult to afford college.  If your child dreams of going to college and works to achieve it, then this program can help them make that a reality.

To make that happen, the Oklahoma Legislature has set up a unique program for 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students that will help pay for their college education if their family's income is $50,000 or less at the time a student applies for the program.  This program is Oklahoma's Promise.

But college isn't easy.  So to make sure students get ready for college while they're still in high school, the program requires students to take certain high school courses.  They will have to pass those courses and keep up their grades.  The student promises to prepare academically for college and stay out of trouble, and in return, the state of Oklahoma promises to help pay the student's college tuition.

If you don't qualify for this program, there are still other ways to pay for college including scholarships, grants and student loans.  For more information on other financial aid, visit the Scholarships page or contact  Mrs. Rochell