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What is FACS Education?

The focus of Family and Consumer Sciences is on living skills, family relations and wage earnings.  While students need basic core academic competencies, there are other skills that also closely correlate with adult success. Some of these skills include:  the ability to set and maintain goals, the ability to resolve problems, the ability to work in teams, the skill to communicate clearly and the ability to balance family and work.  Through FACS programs, students learn "people skills"  - skills that are critical to professional success. 

Family and Consumer Science Course Offerings:

FACS Basics  (8th-12th), Career Orientation (9th-12th), Comprehensive Health (9th-12th), Food Science (11th-12th),  Human Growth & Development (9th-12th), Interpersonal Studies (9th-12th), Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness (10th-12th),  Personal Financial Literacy (10th-12th),  School and Community Partnership I (11th-12th).

2019-20 FACS Class Schedule:

1st hour -  Human Growth & Development

2nd hour –Personal Financial Literacy & Career Orientation

3rd hour - Planning 

4th hour - Personal Financial Literacy & Career Orientation 

5th hour - Comprehensive Health

6th hour - Comprehensive Health

7th hour - FACS Basics (8th)

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